Whether the water meter work will be affected by the environment

Whether the water meter work will be affected by the environment

Meter is the legal measuring instruments in the measurement of water flow pipes, relying on the meter data to display a user’s use of water, industry water meter manufacturer so the water meter accuracy is very important. (Circulation of the water meter are in line with the national standard)

In addition to its own water meter performance quality and other factors, environmental factors will affect the accurate measurement of water meter it?

The answer is yes!

In fact, many environmental factors that will affect the normal operation of the meter. Now, I talk to everyone what factors will affect the water meter!

There are types of water meter There are many different meter has its own performance characteristics, but also have their own shortcomings, after all, the world is no perfect thing! Take the wet and dry water meter for instance, wet meter structure is simple, low cost, but it’s counter is soaked in water, there is water under the glass, if the weather is cold, the water meter glass under bad freeze up easily the water meter: the dry type water meter due to the magnetic element, so it is susceptible to magnetic interference and other factors, so the environment is also required! Remote meter, too, pulses and ultrasonic remote meter can not be too strong signal interference in the environment installed, otherwise the reading will be a problem.

In addition to these, there are some environmental impact on the water meter is relatively large:

In more humid environment or frequent contact with water, and water meter easily oxidized rust corrosion, dial black moss, prompting meter readings unclear; in relatively vulnerable to external attack or vibration environments, water meter severely affected; in long-term exposure to sunlight environment, there will be a steam generator, attached inside the dial so that the meter reading is not clear, but also the growth of organisms affect the reading;

In summary, we can conclude that: water meter installation and working environment to some extent, there is a big impact on the water meter work, when installing water meters please a lot of attention to the installation environment, so that both ensure the normal use of the meter, but also to ensure the accuracy of the water meter!

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