LXLC-80 Industry water meter

LXLC-80 Industry water meter

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Removable element structure, easy inatallation,mangnectic drive, low pressure loss,long working life, available with pulse out function.

Adopt volumetric rotary piston principle of measurement
High sensitivity enables the measurement even at a low flow rate of5 1/h
Measuring accuracy conform to Class D at horizontal no less than Class C at any other installation locaton
Vacuum sealed register to keep a clear presentation in long term service
Mechanical parts use of high quality material to ensure a stable characteristic and a long life span
Built-in check to prevent a counter accounting
Main casing use of stainless steel with a nice look and high sturdiness

LXLC-80 Industry water meter


woltmann type water meter,
dry-dial register,
Large flow range

Dry-dial, magnetic drive, woltmann detachable type.

Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable, characteristic, low head loss and enable use a long long life span.

Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial kept free from fog and keep the reading clear in a long term service.

Universal use within this range detachable, without removing the meter from the pipeline for a easy maintenance & replacement.


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