LXLC-250 industry water meter

LXLC-250 industry water meter

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Dry-dial, magnetic drive

Vacuum sealed register, frost resistant, keeps clear reading for long time

Removable measuring unit, easy installation and maintenance

Measuring high flowrate with low head loss

Remote transmission device can be added upon request

Many kinds of sensors, such as Reed Switch, Hall and Weagand can be supplied upon request

Pulse output may be 10l/pulse,100l/pulse,1000l/pulse

The meters conform to ISO4064 Standard Class B

The meter are available with LCD reading register

 Working condition:

Water temperature≤50°c

(Hot water meter≤90°c)3

Water pressure≤1MPa

(PN: 1.6MPa/16bar)


From minimum flow-rate (qmin) inclusive, to transitional flow-rate (qt), exclusive:±5%

From transitional flow-rate (qt) inclusive, to overload flow-rate (qs),exclusive:±2%

(Hot water meter:±3%)

LXLC-250 industry water meter

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