Dry and wet water meter on the water meter structure similar, the main difference is mainly: Dry meter counter is not immersed in water, is separated from his fish counter sensor. Counter does not exist in the water, so the water meter glass table is not affected by water pressure. Between the sensor and magnet is counter induction drive. Generally dry type water meter smart meter relative to the mechanical water meters more, especially the electronic meter and the like.
working principle:
Dry type water meter with its impeller gear phase separation, the upper end of the impeller of a magnetic element (cylindrical magnet or magnets) and the lower end of the sun gear is coupled to the magnetic element. When the water pushing the impeller rotates through the magnetic element and the lower end of the magnetic element gear wheel attraction or repulsion of the upper end of the drive gear rotate synchronously by recording the amount of water flowing through the center of the transmission counter meter.
Advantages: Because of the dry water meter counter is not immersed in water, industry water meter manufacturer it is not affected by the water quality can be maintained long-term clear reading. And because no water meter counter, so very low freezing point, antifreeze meter better than the wet.
Disadvantages: the manufacturing process is complicated and costly, after a strong external magnetic field, rust water, natural factors such as interference by the demagnetization, metering data will cause more and more slowly, so that damage to the water supply companies, it is rarely used. Because the dry type water meter uses a magnet sensor, so that this sensitivity meter meter line for wet worse.
Whether there are more advantages and more disadvantages in the electronic meter category, I personally think that this dry water meter is the most suitable. It has been in plays its role.

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