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Prepaid water meter is to prevent drip meter class as a base table, the installation of water meters having a preset function of the controller and the electric control valve thereof. Typical cold water meter IC card, TM card prepaid water meter and code Table quantitative water meter is also a preset control technology industry […]

Background: Currently, for water meter and gas meter tamper encapsulation method most is the use of seals, seal closure could not have been modern wisdom. There is also have tamper plastic cards, because of the structure and materials, or it can be removed after use as the adhesive back together, and the general meter readers […]

1. Press measuring principle points Divided into the speed-meter and volumetric water meter. (1) Speed-meter: installed in a closed conduit, made a motion components, the flow velocity directly by it to gain momentum speed meter. A typical speed-type water meter rotor type water meter, Lo Wing-meter. Rotor type water meter and there were a single […]

        Water is the source of life! To conserve water, it devised a meter (ordinary meter), and promote the use of. Later it was found that the average water meter has room for further development, so a smart meter. And now, with the widely used card water meter, water meter radio frequency […]